MICS4 Pilot Survey Film

During the pilot test in Mombasa, a film crew was also present, with producer David Koch, to capture images that could consequently be used for the production of a global MICS video. This is now available here.

While the pilot survey was progressing, the team came up with the idea that a short film on the pilot survey could be shot and put on the internet, informaing users of the childinfo.org website about the pilot test.

The film is introduced and narrated by Attila Hancioglu, the Global MICS Coordinator. The content and objectives of the piot survey is described, against a background of scenes from fieldwork and training.

The "pilot survey film" is posted here.


Mombasa Pilot Test

Just a couple of pictures from the Mombasa pilot test: (1) Survey team prepares to start work in the morning, (2) On the way to the cluster.

More pictures and videos to come....


MICS4 Pilot Test in Mombasa

Pilot testing of the new MICS4 questionnaires has now been completed, and data analysis is about to begin. The pilot test was carried out in Mombasa, Kenya, in collaboration with the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, and UNICEF Kenya Country Office. UNICEF ESARO also took an active role in organizing, supporting and hosting the event.

The main objective of the pilot survey was to field test the new MICS4 questionnaires and survey procedures.

Fieldwork staff was trained over a 10-day period, on interviewing techniques, on topics in the questionnaires, and on carrying out anthropometric measurements, among other things. Data collection was carried out in urban and rural settlements, as well as informal (slum) settlements of Mombasa. Interviews in 300 households was targeted.

In order to gain understanding of the performance of the new questionnaires, interviews were observed and feedback sessions were held with interviewers. Analysis of the data collected will provide further evidence - there is already many lessons learned and solid thinking on how the MICS4 questionnaires, other survey tools, and survey procedures will be improved further.

The pilot survey was a unique opportunity, bringing together the UNICEF Regional MICS Coordinators and the UNICEF HQ MICS Team with the aim to develop a common understanding of various methodological aspects related to survey implementation. Other participants included staff members of the UNICEF HQ Statistics and Monitoring Section and ECD Section, staff members from ESARO and MENARO and from the Kenya CO and the Somalia CO, as well as external consultants and staff members of the Kenya Bureau of Statistics.

More information on the pilot test will be available very soon....